Publications – scientific articles in the field of pain management (mostly for free download)

A major principle of CHANGE PAIN is to RESEARCH, PUBLISH and EDUCATE. Our publications, which can be mostly downloaded for free, fall into three general categories:

Consensus Paper

Recommendations by the CHANGE PAIN Advisory Panel on important pain related topics, such as improving today's practice in managing severe chronic pain

Research Results

Communication of research findings such as the analysis of data from over 50,000 patients via the National Health and Wellness Survey (NHWS)

Special Topics

Reviews on current topics of special interest within the field of pain management.


Consensus paper


Author Title Reference  
Müller-Schwefe GHH, et al. Treatment for chronic low back pain: the focus should change to multimodal management that reflects the underlying pain mechanisms Curr Med Res Opin. 2017 Mar 22:1-12 Download PDF

Meissner W, et al. Improving the management of post-operative acute pain: priorities for CHANGE CMRO; 31(11); 2015, 2131-2143 Download PDF

Kress HG, et al. A holistic approach to chronic pain management that involves all stakeholders: CHANGE is needed CMRO; 31(9); 2015, 1743-1754 Download PDF

Müller-Schwefe GHH, et al. Pain in the cancer patient: different pain characteristics CHANGE pharmacological treatment requirements CMRO; 30(9); 2014, 1895–1908 Download PDF

Kress HG, et al. Managing chronic pain in elderly patients requires a CHANGE of approach CMRO; 30(6); 2014, 1153–1164 Download PDF

Pergolizzi J, et al. The development of chronic pain: physiological CHANGE necessitates a multidiscipline approach to treatment CMRO; 29(9); 2013; 1127–1135 Download PDF

Pergolizzi J, et al. The chronic pain conundrum: should we CHANGE from relying on past history to assesing prognostic factors? CMRO; 28(2); 2012; 1-8 Download PDF

Varrassi G, et al. Proceedings of the CHANGE PAIN Expert Summit in Rome, June 2010 (Introduction) CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2061-2062 Download PDF
Varrassi G et al. Severe Chronic Pain - the reality of treatment in Europe CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2063-2064 Download PDF
Collett B The burden of chronic pain CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2065-2066 Download PDF
Morlion B The relevance of neuropathic components in chronic back pain CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2067-2068 Download PDF
Kalso E The Vicious Circle in chronic pain management: balancing efficacy and adverse effects CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2069-2061 Download PDF
Nicolaou A The Change Pain Physician Survey CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2073-2074 Download PDF
Dickenson A Pain and its control CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2075-2078 Download PDF
Pergolizzi J Chronic Pain - moving from symptom control to mechanism-based treatment CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2079-2080 Download PDF
Schaefer M Pain Education - a modular learning approach CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2081-2082 Download PDF
Müller-Schwefe GHH Common understanding - the basis of successful pain management CMRO; 27(10); 2011; 2083-2085 Download PDF
Müller-Schwefe GHH, et al. Make a CHANGE: optimising communication and pain management decisions CMRO; 27(2); 2011; 481-488 Download PDF

Varrassi G et al. Curr Med Res Opinion Pharmacological treatment of chronic pain - the need for CHANGE CMRO; 26(5);2010; 1231-1245 Download PDF



Research Results


Author Title Reference  
Allegri M, et al. A pharmacological treatment algorithm for localised neuropathic pain CMRO; 32(2), 2016; 377-384 Download PDF

Mick G, et al. Is an easy and reliable diagnosis of localized neuropathic pain (LNP) possible in general practice? Development of a screening tool based on IASP criteria CMRO; 2014; 1-10 Download PDF

Pérez C, Margarit C, Serrano M Survey of European patients assessing their own noncancer chronic pain: results from Spain CMRO; 29(6); 2013; 643-651 Download PDF

Langley PC, Liedgens H Time since diagnosis, treatment pathways and current pain status: a retrospective assessment in a back pain population JME; 16(5); 2013, 701-709 Download PDF
Varrassi G, Müller-Schwefe GHH The international CHANGE PAIN physician survey: does specialism influence the perception of pain and its treatment? CMRO; 28(5); 2012; 823-831 Download PDF

Müller-Schwefe GHH, et al. European survey of chronic pain patients: results for Germany CMRO; 27(11); 2011; 1-8 Download PDF
Langley PC, Tornero Molina J, Margarit Ferri C, Pérez Hernández C, Tejedor Varillas A, Ruiz-Iban MA The association of pain with labor force participation, absenteeism, and presenteeism in Spain JME; 14(6); 2011, 835-845

Download PDF

Müller-Schwefe GHH, et al. Health care utilization of back pain patients - results of a claims data analysis JME; 14(6); 2011; 816-823 Download PDF
Langley PC, Pérez Hernández C, Margarit Ferri C, Ruiz Hidalgo D, Lubián López M Pain, health related quality of life and healthcare resource utilization in Spain JME; 14(5); 2011, 628-638 Download PDF
Langley PC, Ruiz-Iban MA, Tornero Molina J, De Andres J, González-Escalada Castellón JR The prevalence, correlates and treatment of pain in Spain JME; 14(3); 2011, 367-380 Download PDF
Langley PC The prevalence, correlates and treatment of pain in the European Union CMRO; 27(2); 2011; 463-480 Download PDF
Reid KJ, et al. Epidemiology of chronic non-cancer pain in Europe: narrative review of prevalence, pain treatments and pain impact CMRO; 27(2); 2011; 449-462 Download PDF
Langley PC, et al. The impact of pain on labor force participation, absenteeism and presenteeism in the European Union. Journal of Medical Economics;13(4); 2010; 662-672 Download PDF
Langley PC, et al. The societal impact of pain in the European Union: health-related quality of life and healthcare resource utilization. Journal of Medical Economics; 13(3); 2010; 571-581 Download PDF


Special topics


Author Title Reference  
Pergolizzi, J.V., Paladini, A., Varrassi, G. et al. CHANGE PAIN: Ever Evolving — An Update for 2016 Pain Ther (2016). doi:10.1007/s40122-016-0058-x Download PDF

Mick G, et al. What is localized neuropathic pain? A first proposal to characterize and define a widely used term Pain Manag.; 2(1), 2012; 71-77 Download PDF

Ahlbeck K Opioids: a two-faced Janus CMRO; 27(2); 2011; 439-448 Download PDF

Morlion B Pharmacotherapy of low back pain: targeting nociceptive and neuropathic pain components CMRO; 27(1); 2011, 11-33 Download PDF

Freynhagen R, et al. painDETECT: a new screening questionnaire to identify neuropathic components in patients with back pain CMRO; 22(10); 2006, 1911-1920 Download PDF



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