Patient Atlas Pain – helps General Practitioners (GPs) and pain specialists in explaining pain syndromes

The objective of the Patient Atlas Pain is to provide a competent, comprehensive and documented explanation on pain condition and the possible medical approach to be adopted, as well as alternatives and potential risks.

The Patient Atlas Pain was compiled by a multidisciplinary team and takes into account the multifactorial nature of chronic pain and the associated multimodal therapeutic approach in various pain states. The content was additionally reviewed by patients to assess whether the descriptions and explanations are comprehensible to people who are not healthcare professionals.

The Atlas covers the most common pain indications and their treatment, and additional information on how pain develops, how it is processed and the factors that influence it. As well as important psychological aspects, preventive measures are examined.


Patient Atlas Pain


Download of a single chapter

You can download and print the single topic by clicking on the single chapter. From each chapter you will get two pages, one for the patient with images/drawings and one for you with explanations of the images/drawings to support you in the communication with your patients.


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