LNP (Localized Neuropathic Pain) Screening Tool – a new tool for General Practitioners (GPs)

Neuropathic pain in general is a severe burden and often unrecognized and untreated. Approximately 60% of neuropathic pain is localized on a circumscribed area.

The first step in the management of neuropathic pain/localized neuropathic pain is a correct diagnosis which is often time consuming and difficult. Therefore the Localized Neuropathic (LNP) Screening Tool was developed by international experts, to support doctors and patients in getting an early diagnosis leading to an adequate treatment.1

The screening tool is presented as a DIN A6 pocket card with four decision making questions about patient`s history, pain distribution, testing of symptoms, and the location and size of the painful area on the patient`s body. A short pictorial guidance shows how to conduct a neurological sensory examination.

The LNP Screening Tool is available for download.


LNP Screening Tool


Background from Dr. Victor Mayoral

Get more insight on the LNP Screening Tool reading the background from Dr. Victor Mayoral.


LNP Screening Tool - Background



1 Mick et al. Is an easy and reliable diagnosis of localized neuropathic pain (LNP) possible in general practice? Development of a screening tool based on IASP criteria. CMRO. 2014; 1-10.

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