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Nicole Hemmenwayn: "No, it is not in my head"

Book - Pain patients

At seventeen, Nicole believed her life was just beginning. A senior in high school looking forward to college and living on her own, her dreams vanished the moment she was injured. Diagnosed with the neurological and chronic pain syndrome (CPRS), Nicole was living a nightmare as mainstream medicine viewed her pain and symptoms as both untreatable and incurable.

With no use of her right hand and minimal use of her arm, she depended on massive amounts of narcotics to endure each day. Yet even that could not control her agony. The pain was so paralyzing that she faced periods where she was bed-ridden or wheelchair bound. All she had to hold on to was hope. Hope that her miracle would someday arrive...

No, It Is Not In My Head: The journey of a Chronic Pain Survivor from Wheelchair to Marathon, will offer hope, present answers and allow others to believe the unimaginable. It is not only one young woman’s story back to health, but also a culmination of our stories back to health.

"No, it is not in my head" (2010)
by Nicole Hemmenwayn (Author)

ISBN: 978-1600376993