The acute chapter of the CHANGE PAIN Advisory Board identified key priorities for improving post-operative pain management in four different areas.

Firstly, patients should be more involved in decisions regarding their own treatment, particularly when crucial alternatives are being considered. Secondly, better professional education and training of the various members of the multidisciplinary pain management team would enhance their skills and knowledge and thereby improve patient care. Thirdly, there is scope for optimising treatment. Examples include the use of synergistic analgesia to target pain at different points along pain pathways, more widespread adoption of patient-controlled analgesia and the use of minimally invasive rather than open surgery. Fourthly, organisational change could provide similar benefits.


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Meissner W, et al. Improving the management of post-operative acute pain: priorities for CHANGE CMRO; 31(11); 2015, 2131-2143 Download PDF



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