Multidisciplinary team POPM


Anaesthetists – Specialists for Pain Management

The anaesthetist is a physician trained in anaesthesia, perioperative medicine, intensive care, emergency medicine and pain therapy. He is in charge of controlling analgesia during and after surgery. He also plays a key role in the decision making process in terms of implementing new post-operative treatment and defining post-operative pain management protocols and standards. Usually the anaesthetist is the dialogue partner in the pre-operative consultation. As a patient, you may have several questions relating to how painful the procedure may be and how long this pain could last. The questions generally posed refer to the procedure, the analgesic used or the recovery period. In order to assuage patients’ fears and enlist them in the pain management process, the consultant should make every attempt to answer them.


Surgeons – responsible for the Patient’s Surgical Outcome  

The surgeon is the specialist, who performs the surgery. With respect to the post-operative pain management, he is more involved in your pain treatment after you are transferred to the ward and will review pain medication during your stay in the hospital.


Nurses – Monitoring of the Patients

The nurse is a part of all phases during your surgery, i.e. in pre-anesthesia and post-anesthesia care, ambulatory surgery and pain management. She is responsible for the practical implementation of post-operative pain management protocols and the change of post-operative pain management medication. She is probably the person, with whom you will have the most interaction; for example, she is in charge of the administration of pain medication if you still feel pain. She will also monitor your pain and your recovery.


Physiotherapist – Enhancing Mobility of the Patient

In order to enhance recovery, early mobilization after surgery is an important task. Physiotherapy could be a supportive procedure to achieve that goal and is carried out by a physiotherapist. He take cares of rehabilitation in terms of promoting functionality, mobility and quality of life through examination and physical intervention.


Medical Specialist – as additional consultant

In some cases, it might be helpful to include another profession in the multidisciplinary team to obtain special additional information. This depends on your surgery and your recovery status and would be initiated by the physicians taking care of you.




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