Statements on the CHANGE PAIN® Initiative

Overview of the videos on the CHANGE PAIN® Youtube-Channel


Prof Hans Georg Kress

  • CHANGE PAIN Initiative
  • PAIN Education Program


Dr Gerhard H.H. Müller-Schwefe

  • CHANGE PAIN - developing solutions to improve patient outcomes
  • CHANGE PAIN - understanding and improving the current pain management approach
  • Avoiding the vicious circle in pharmacological treatment
  • Treatment of chronic low back pain
  • Reducing the risk of discontinuation
  • Better education leads to more rational treatment decisions
  • The core multidisciplinary team


Dr Margarit Ferri

  • Referral pathways: potential restrictions


Prof Eija Kalso

  • Balancing efficacy and side effects


Dr Ana Christina Mangas

  • Communication between patients, primary care physicians and specialists


Prof Bart Morlion

  • Nociceptive and neuropathic pain mechanisms
  • Detecting the neuropathic component in chronic pain
  • Multidisciplinary team approach – Pain specialist (Prof Bart Morlion)


Prof Joseph Pergolizzi

  • Multidisciplinary team approach in chronic pain management


Dr Patrick Sichère

  • Benefits of the multidisciplinary team for the patient


Further Videos

  • Needs in post-operative pain management
  • Multidisciplinary team approach – Pain patient (Pete Moore)
  • Multidisciplinary team approach – Physiotherapist (Peter van Warmbeke)
  • Multidisciplinary team approach – General practicioner (Dr Chris Monella)
  • Multidisciplinary team approach – Psychologist and psychotherapist (Eline Coppens)
  • Pain process
  • Physiology of nociceptive pain
  • Meet the Expert: Two patients share their view on pain management